CISO Corner

The Scariest Cyberattacks of 2019

We love Halloween and the scary stories that come along with it. In IT, there are plenty of terrifying tales to share in the spirit of the season. Last week, we brought you Five IT Horror Stories: Top Tech Nightmares … Read more >

Why Are There More Than a Million Unpatched Machines Months After the Government’s Critical Microsoft Windows Warning?

“Just plugin and if it works, we’re done.” This is a philosophy many unregulated countries have when it comes to their cabling systems, and those systems end up looking like the pictured telephone pole. This philosophy is also an unfortunate … Read more >

Key Questions to Ask Your Vendors about their Cybersecurity Practices

Last month, the supply chain company Asus revealed hackers had broken into their servers and malicious code had been pushed out to its customers as part of a supposedly safe routine software update. Kaspersky Labs, who detected the attack, estimated … Read more >

CSO Corner: Don’t Let Your Line-of-Business Applications Fail – Moving Away From TLS 1.0

Security standards for cloud providers are constantly increasing due to new and advanced techniques being introduced by hackers and other nefarious entities on the internet. One of the ways that cloud providers ensure that your data is safe when you communicate … Read more >

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