RJ Metzger

RJ Metzger

RJ Metzger is the director of infrastructure services at Stratosphere Networks. His interest in technology goes back to childhood: He grew up tinkering with electronics and got his first computer in the 3rd grade.

He officially began his career in the pre-dot-com era. Although he started out as a help desk tech, he became a supervisor within 8 months and was promoted again to an internal system administrator position soon after that. Before joining the Stratosphere team, he worked for Priceline WebHouse Club and Affinion Group. During the dot-com bust, he started working for a managed service provider and has been with MSPs ever since.

As the director of infrastructure services, RJ serves as the "backstop" for most of the issues that the network operations center (NOC) and the technical account leads can't resolve. He has Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) and VMware Certified Professional (VCP) certifications, in addition to an associate's degree in criminal justice from Norwalk (Connecticut) Community College.

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