Sean O'Sullivan

Sean O'Sullivan

Sean O'Sullivan is an associate director of client transformation at Stratosphere Networks. He holds a bachelor's degree from DeVry University in network communication and management, as well as a Microsoft MCSA in Office 365 Identity Management.

After starting out at the help desk at Stratosphere Networks, Sean became a technical account lead (TAL) and then the team lead of the TAL department before obtaining his current position. During his time with the company, he has been instrumental in establishing technical processes and spearheading the documentation strategy for client environments. He was also among the first to take on Microsoft Azure as a business solution and implemented Stratosphere's first successful single sign-on (SSO) solution. Today he continues to be on the forefront of new and emerging technologies in the realm of Office 365 and Azure.

As an associate director for client transformation, the company relies on his technical experience, accrued through his decade of infrastructure support experience, to provide clients with a clear and attainable transformation path.

Sean is an avid gamer and tech enthusiast who loves to tinker with anything that has moving parts, from cars to computers to drones. He has a specific interest in automation and lives by the saying "Work smarter, not harder."

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Crain's Leadership Academy 2019

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Global Leadership Summit 2019, 2020

Microsoft MCSA in Office 365 Identity Management

Microsoft MCSA in Office 365 Identity Management

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