Automation: Keep Your IT Solutions Current and Secure While Boosting Productivity


Technology changes at a breakneck pace, and it can be overwhelming for even the hardest working employees to ensure everything stays up-to-date and secure while also tackling their other professional obligations. The Stratosphere team can leverage automation to make your team members' lives easier and keep your IT solutions patched, current and as secure as possible.

We leverage industry-leading automation tools to support efficient troubleshooting and resolution processes. Our investment in these tools combined with our expert staff are key elements to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

Get More Done In Less Time With Stratosphere Automate

Many companies automate routine processes to free up their staff members to focus on more important projects, contain costs and increase overall efficiency. The Stratosphere Automate component of our Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering can revolutionize how you do business by executing the following functions across multiple devices at the same time:

Our Automate solution can also take over the following time-intensive tasks so your team has more hours in the day to tackle other vital pursuits:

If you'd like a real-world example of the advantages of automation, one of our clients – a global firm based in Italy – deployed our PaaS solution as they were experiencing rapid growth and didn't have the staff or budget to take care of their increasing IT needs. Their in-house IT staff subsequently had a more manageable workload, and the automation of mundane tasks led to greater productivity. Read the full case study here: Automated Solutions Provider Case Study

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