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On average, after tackling their daily responsibilities, most IT decision-makers only spend about 20 percent of their time researching solutions. If you're struggling to find time in your day to vet new tech, we can help.

At Stratosphere Networks, our team devotes the majority of their time to studying new solutions and staying up to speed on the latest market trends. We're fully focused on finding the best technologies for your business and eliminate the hours of homework it typically takes to narrow down the pool of solutions. With the help of our research and analytics tools, our advisors can select the top 5 from dozens of options in just 30 to 60 minutes, allowing you to advance rapidly to the final stages of in-depth analysis.

Here's why our clients rely on us to serve as their technology advocates:

Cloud Phone SystemsDetailed solution comparison matrices

Streamline the selection process by evaluating your options side-by-side.

Cloud Phone SystemsAccess to niche solutions

Discover unique solutions you likely wouldn't find without us

Cloud Phone SystemsPro services, project management and managed services

Ensure smooth deployments with our white-glove professional and project management services and leverage our managed services for peace of mind.

Cloud Phone SystemsClient hub

Enhance strategic decision-making with a single dashboard that offers insights into critical data such as contracts, renewal dates, and financial information.

Want to avoid sales reps? We've got you covered.

75 percent of B2B buyers prefer a rep-free experience. 1 Our advisors aren't sales reps. We're not here to sell you a specific product or service; we're here to help you buy the best solutions for your business. In addition, we control and limit engagement from solution provider sales teams, allowing you to skip the pitches and focus on the facts.

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Streamlining the search for the best technology solutions

A survey of 5,000 clients found that 53 percent of customer loyalty depends on the sales experience. We understand that the process matters just as much as the product. This brief video shows examples of the advanced tools that we utilize, which contribute to an overall exceptional experience that keeps our clients coming back.

Transformation Video

Why work with us in ~1 minute.

Gain flexibility and scalability with a cloud-based phone system.

Enhance your customer experience (CX) with contact center offerings that let clients connect with you using a range of channels, including chat, voice, text messaging and more.

Improve CX and contain costs by outsourcing your call center agents to a BPO well-versed in your industry.

Transform customer and employee experiences with the right strategies and technologies.

Leverage generative AI, conversational AI and AI workflow automation to increase efficiency, stay competitive and deliver exceptional experiences.

Optimize operations and accelerate IT while containing costs and eliminating in-house staffing worries.

Proactively protect your IT infrastructure and sensitive data from rapidly evolving threats.

Contain costs and ensure uptime and security with data center, colo & IaaS solutions.

Leverage our fiber locator for immediate pricing for all the top providers in your area, and securely connect all locations, people, and data with SD-WAN.

Streamline the process of procuring and managing licenses for leading cloud and SaaS solutions.

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Our mission: Empower our clients through exceptional service

We won't settle for being average or even good at what we do. We strive to consistently deliver outstanding services.

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