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Transform your business with a technology partner you can count on the help you dominate the competition. With a focus on customized white glove service, we understand that it takes time and effort to earn trust – and the clients who’ve stuck with us for a decade or more can speak to our commitment. Let us get to know you and deliver the services you need to achieve lasting success.

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It can be difficult to keep track of evolving technologies and decide what works best for your business. By partnering with Stratosphere, you'll get an experience you wouldn't be able to have on your own.

Tap into our expert knowledge and let us handle analyzing and researching solutions to pinpoint the one that's right for you. Additionally, we use a vendor agnostic approach and ethically pit providers against each other to find the perfect solution for your business.

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Gain flexibility and scalability with a cloud-based phone system.

Enhance your customer experience (CX) with contact center offerings that let clients connect with you using a range of channels, including chat, voice, text messaging and more.

Deliver an exceptional customer experience (CX) and contain costs with an outsourcing partner well-versed in your industry.

Deliver the best possible customer service with advanced relationship management capabilities.

Leverage cutting-edge technologies to increase efficiency, stay competitive and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Traditional Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions and internet can prove inadequate for businesses that rely heavily on cloud solutions. Get the high-performing networking and connectivity solutions you need with SD-WAN and fiber internet.

Contain costs, ensure uptime and security, and stress less about maintenance with data center and IaaS solutions.

Don't let a disaster destroy your business. A DRaaS solution will help you bounce back quickly and safeguard your data in the event of a catastrophe.

Proactively protect your IT infrastructure and sensitive data from rapidly evolving threats.

Maintain peak performance with IT consulting services, mobile and web app development and proactive support from our Chicago area Network Operations Center (NOC).

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Transformation is continuous. Can you handle change on your own?

"The only constant is change and the rate of change is increasing." - Peter Diamandis

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Our mission: Empower our clients through exceptional service

We won't settle for being average or even good at what we do. We strive to consistently deliver outstanding services.

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