Midmarket Company Finds the Right UCaaS and CCaaS Platform

Company Background

The client is a midsize manufacturing company based in Michigan with approximately 2,000 employees globally

Midmarket Company Finds the Right UCaaS and CCaaS Platform With Help From Our Trusted Advisors

Business Challenge

The client was divesting from a larger business, and needed assistance migrating from their legacy phone system and contact center platform. They needed to get a phone system and contact center solution up and running in three to four months and sought assistance from our trusted advisors in choosing a solution. Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a large portion of their employees were working from home, so they needed a solution that could accommodate remote workers.

Stratosphere Networks Solution

Our advisors conducted an initial assessment of the client's desired features, which included a mobile app, integration with Microsoft 365 and Teams, and reliable remote work features. Additionally, the company was growing and had locations around the world. Subsequently, they needed a highly scalable platform that offered international telecom and dial tone services. Finally, the client required a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution that integrated with ServiceNow.

After noting their criteria for a cloud phone system, our advisors leveraged our extensive portfolio of UCaaS and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) suppliers to find three options and arranged demos so that the client could experience each solution. They ultimately selected RingCentral, which met all of their technical requirements.

Working with our advisors had considerable advantages for the client, including the following:

  • Access to the latest market research data
  • Objective and consultative analysis from our advisors considering a wide range of options, as opposed to biased direct sales pitches from reps focused on one brand
  • Insights from the Pathfinder tool, which is built on Salesforce and leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive informed IT decision-making with the following features:

    Interactive quick assessments to evaluate solutions based on the client's needs

    Dynamic comparison matrices including vital factors such as security, compliance and market share

    Supplier battlecards that include not only strengths but also weaknesses/case studies/video briefings/white papers

    Data center locator with virtual tours/real-time fiber locator

  • Access to our home-grown ROI tools, which quickly determine the total cost of ownership and (in most instances) potential savings from the client's current total spend
  • Connections to channel-only solutions from suppliers that the client couldn't have engaged with on their own due to the lack of direct sales teams
  • Countless hours saved, as it would have taken the client weeks to assemble all of the data that our advisors produced in mere minutes with our advanced tools
  • Access to our state-of-the-art demo lab in downtown Chicago.
  • ZERO fees for all of the above. We don't charge for any of these advisory services, and supplier pricing is guaranteed to match or beat pricing from the supplier's direct sales rep.

For more information about our trusted advisor services, watch this brief video.


Thanks to our trusted advisors, the client saved time and money they would have otherwise spent evaluating all of the UCaaS and CCaaS suppliers on the market and arranging demos. On top of that, transitioning from their legacy phone system to a cloud solution has benefited them in the following ways:

  • Lower spending (no more on-prem phone system maintenance, upgrades, etc.)
  • Integration between their cloud phone system, Microsoft 365 business apps and Service Now, which streamlines processes for end users
  • Scalability to easily accommodate organizational growth
  • Multi-channel contact center support (email, web chat, voice)
  • Reliable remote work capabilities

With assistance from our advisors, the client now has a UCaaS and CCaaS solution in place that not only meets their needs today but can also accommodate their business as it grows and evolves.

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