Multi-Layered Smart Building Cybersecurity Services Case Study

Client Background

The client is a private real estate investment company with commercial buildings throughout the U.S. The tenant-focused firm has a 70-year track record of real estate ownership, management and development.

Multi-Layered Smart Building Cybersecurity Services Case Study

Business Challenge

The client already had preventive security solutions and services, including a full Meraki stack, for a smart building in Chicago. However, they wanted a higher level of security to combat any threats that made it past those preventive measures. Cyberattacks are a growing problem for smart buildings: Nearly four out of 10 of the computers used to control these high-tech structures got hit by malicious attacks in the first half of 2019, according to Kaspersky.

Vendors and engineers connect to the networks running smart buildings' base systems all the time, and, without proper protection, these systems are extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks. Malicious actors can shut down key building systems (e.g, ventilation) and/or break into the corporate network to steal credentials and other private information.

Knowing these risks, enterprises looking for office space have begun scrutinizing the security of smart buildings, so property managers like the client are increasingly concerned about doing everything they can to safeguard these structures.

Stratosphere Networks Solution

The Stratosphere Networks team provided the client with amulti-layered strategic cybersecurity solution rooted in managed threat detection and response and Security Operations Center (SOC) services from a team of experts. This includes the following solutions and services all for a reasonable bundled monthly price:

  • Next-gen anti-virus with anti-ransomware and malware detection
  • Hosting phishing (DNS filtering) protection
  • Endpoint protection and response (behavioral monitoring)/Endpoint Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR)
  • Network threat monitoring/network MDR and SIEM
  • IT vulnerability and risk scanning
  • Proactive IT asset and systems auditing
  • SOC as a service (SOCaaS), including access to virtual CISO services, HIPAA and HITRUST compliance as a service, and Stratosphere's team of in-house security analysts


Due to Stratosphere's comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and services, the client now maintains a fully cyber secure smart building, in addition to experiencing the following advantages:

  • Use of constantly updated IT security tools
  • On-demand access to a team of security analysts without having to invest the time/resources needed to hire in-house experts
  • Active threat hunting and proactive security services to handle any threats that get past preventive solutions
  • Optimal levels of network security for base building systems
  • Substantial savings on insurance costs for the building

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