Collaborative Operations

Stratosphere Networks' Network Operations Center (NOC) provides a full team of experts and certified engineers who strive every day to fulfill our mission of empowering clients through exceptional service. We won't settle for just being average or even good. We're committed to delivering outstanding IT services and support. When you work with us, you can expect a response from our helpdesk within seconds instead of days. Our team is dedicated to answering your questions and resolving your problems quickly.

We work with your business to build a comprehensive support agreement that provides your organization with core infrastructure emergency response services and desktop support for day to day IT issues. Our staff works around the clock to ensure your network uptime meets your business objectives and with our complete network monitoring solutions we can provide onsite and/or remote services.

Let Our Team Put Time Back on Your Side

When it comes to technical support, time is not on your side. Which means that escalating and involving the right resources at the right time is extremely important to solving your technical issues. When your business experiences outages our collaborative environment allows technical professionals of all levels to work as a team to resolve your issue in a timely fashion, saving your organization time and money.

Our collaborative work environment allows our expert team to gain access to resources that would take other dispersed organizations time to engage. Our techs work together to ensure the most effective IT solutions for your specific needs. And, with a wide variety of certifications and specializations in-house, our team can quickly and efficiently work together to provide your business with the highest level of service.

How Our Collaborative Operations Can Help You

At Stratosphere Networks, all technical levels are in-house which makes resolving technical issues in a timely manner a no-brainer. Our clients don't have to play the waiting game as we provide a team of IT professionals that help with workstation, server and infrastructure requests. We make decreasing response and resolution times our priority. Our team works intelligently to bounce ideas off one another and engage other team members quickly when needed. This allows us to provide guarantees in our agreements that enable us to exceed your expectations when responding to service matters.

If you are ready to experience the best-in-class support that a collaborative IT team can provide, call us at 877-599-3999 or fill out our form with your information to have one of our professional IT representatives contact you.

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