Empowered Internal IT

Are you an in-house IT staff member who's struggling to juggle day-to-day tasks, advancements in technology, and evolving cybersecurity threats? The Stratosphere Networks team can help with our complementary IT services and solutions. In addition to the comprehensive managed services we offer to businesses that lack internal IT staff, we also support and empower in-house teams.

Typically, we find that midsize companies (with approximately 75 to 500 employees) in particular can often benefit from supplemental IT support. These days, internal IT managers are often overwhelmed trying to keep up with numerous responsibilities within the rapidly changing field of technology. Recently, due to the data breach epidemic, IT staff have also increasingly been asked to tackle security, which requires high-level expertise to properly handle.

Stratosphere can make in-house IT team members' lives less stressful with automation, advanced toolsets and access to expert-level knowledge on cybersecurity and other tech topics. By partnering with us, you'll gain access to enterprise-grade solutions at affordable prices set with small to midsize businesses in mind.

We offer the following solutions and services to empower internal IT staff.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Our Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution is ideal for in-house IT teams at midsize companies that lack access to particular tools. Stratosphere's PaaS solution empowers internal IT staff members and helps them become more productive with the following features and resources.

Visit our PaaS page to learn more.

Cybersecurity as a Service (CaaS)

IT security has become a top priority for businesses of all sizes and across all industries, as data breaches have become commonplace and new IT security threats continue to emerge every day. In-house IT teams that were already swamped before the data breach epidemic now find themselves responsible for safeguarding sensitive data against rapidly evolving threats – a task that's a full-time job in its own right.

We also maintain a state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC) in Evanston, fully staffed with analysts available to respond to alerts at any time. It's up to you to decide how much or how little you would like the Stratosphere team to manage alerts and security threats. You can choose to have all alerts directed to your in-house IT team, all of them sent to us, or have them directed to both internal staff and Stratosphere.

Make staying on top of IT security less stressful for your internal IT staff with Cybersecurity as a Service (CaaS) from Stratosphere. We can deliver a wide range of advanced cybersecurity solutions that our techs can customize to meet your specific business needs.

Get more information about our full range of IT security solutions and services from our managed cybersecurity page.

Trusted Advisor Services

Finding the right cloud solution for your business can prove stressful and time-consuming. Increasingly, companies turn to third parties like Stratosphere for expert opinions, as opposed to working with direct sales reps from vendors.

The businesses we work with have faith in us to serve as their trusted cloud advisor and find the best possible products for them. In the past three years, approximately 87 percent of our net new business each year has stemmed from either referrals or online marketing efforts. Our team of expert cloud consultants all have 7+ years of experience in the industry and undergo more than 100 hours of industry training each year, including weekly in-depth, in-person trainings with key suppliers in our partner network.

Our consultants usually vet and demo multiple products, resulting in a time investment of about 10-25 hours from our clients. Allowing us to shop around on your behalf saves you a significant amount of time and money. If our clients vetted cloud solutions on their own, they'd miss out on the value provided by our expert analysis.

Here are some of the key benefits of our cloud consulting services.

Visit our Trusted Advisor page for more information.

Professional Services

The Stratosphere team can support your in-house IT staff with various professional services, including the following.

If you're part of an in-house IT team that could use assistance, contact us today by calling 877-599-3999 or emailing sales@stratospherenetworks.com.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Contact our team of expert techs at 877-599-3999 or sales@stratopsherenetworks.com to learn more.

Yes, we offer proactive monitoring and maintenance support packages for businesses that already have IT professionals on staff. Visit our Proactive Monitoring page to learn more.

No, our empowered internal IT services are specifically designed to provide valuable support but not replace your internal IT team. Visit our Empowered Internal IT page to learn more.

Yes, we will assign an Account Manager to handle all of your needs and requests.

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