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46% of organizations using managed services have cut their annual IT expenses by 25% or more (Source: CompTIA)

13% of those organizations have cut costs by 50% or more (Source: CompTIA)

89% of current managed services users reported that they are most satisfied with performance and uptime, agreeable contract terms, a secure environment and flexibility to quickly add new services (Source: CompTIA)

51% of companies are contracting with a managed service provider to free up internal IT staffs to work on revenue-generating activities (Source: CompTIA)

62% of end users plan to increase their IT spend on managed services (Source: CompTIA)

Based on the average annual salary of an in-house IT professional, using a managed service provider can save nearly 80% of yearly IT costs (Source: CompTIA)

Justifying technology expenses can be challenging, but you can count on Stratosphere Networks to supply services at a competitive rate, reducing your operating expenses and increasing your return-on-investment. Stratosphere Networks provides proactive IT management services for your IT computing environment.

Whether you are seeking a comprehensive management and monitoring plan for your entire IT infrastructure or desktop remediation support, let our managed service programs ensure that critical business processes and services are highly available, allowing your business to operate effectively and efficiently. Our flat rate IT plans improve response and resolution time for all users, which eliminates the need to wait for onsite service calls from previous IT support.

Our backup and disaster recovery services and solutions can also help your business minimize or even completely avoid downtime, which can prove costly in terms of lower productivity as well as reputational damage. Additionally, our managed cybersecurity services and offerings - including security risk assessments, data security solutions, prevention, detection, and more - can lower the odds of your company experiencing a data breach and having to pay the potentially high price of responding to an IT security incident.

Proactive hardware and software maintenance, patching and updating programs also eliminate high emergency repair costs. Companies can minimize time and money spent working on IT solutions as our team will work quickly to resolve your problems. Gain peace of mind with our blend of managed technical support services specifically designed to allow you to focus on running your business.

Furthermore, our expert consulting services can help your organization pinpoint IT solutions and services that fit your unique needs. If you decide to shop around on your own, you'll potentially waste time and money, since it's difficult to see beyond vendors' sales pitches and decide which offering is truly best for your business. That's why companies increasingly turn to third parties like Stratosphere to get expert opinions and advice on which product is the ideal choice. Our expert team has extensive experience with a wide variety of solutions from a range of different vendors, which allows us to serve as a trusted advisor to our clients.

Take advantage of our team of IT professionals and professional services who can increase your staff's efficiencies and productivity while mitigating your business pains and risks for one fixed monthly fee without any surprises, hidden costs or the hassle and expense of hiring your own full-time IT staff.

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