3 things an IT Security Assessment will tell you

3 things an IT Security Assessment will tell you

Information security is very vital in every organization. It is not a very simple thing to do but it is a necessity in order to safeguard an organization's information and prevent mishaps like downtime and cyber-attacks. Many organizations fail to maintain proper IT security due to several reasons. They either lack enough skilled IT experts to carry out the job or do not have the resources to do it. Others completely ignore the necessity of IT security because they are not aware of how vulnerable their systems are.

Your IT Security System is Prone to Cyber-Attacks

A cyber-attack is probably the most devastating thing that can happen to an IT system. Hackers use different styles to get to information that organizations assume is very safe. They use elevation of privileged attacks where they elevate their status on a system. They give themselves the privilege of turning into an administrator from user and so forth. Without updated access control lists, then then it means your organization is very vulnerable. An assessment will identify if you have ACL and if not, the assessor will tell you how to implement them.

Other kinds of cyberattacks that hackers easily carry out on the systems are Denial of Service (DOS) attacks, Phishing attacks and URL manipulation. Periodic security assessments will ascertain whether anything compromises your systems and how vulnerable they are to cyber-attacks. With this knowledge, you can increase staff awareness and tighten security especially on the validity of IP addresses that have expired.

Your Network is not secure

If your network is not privy to prying eyes then you will definitely be putting a lot of information out there for anyone to scrutinize. Regular assessments will tell you how secure your network is by checking if it is within its allowed perimeters. If you have not had an audit on update procedures and policies or on your device configuration, then an assessment will point that out for you to take the necessary precautions.

Physical system security is poor

Where you keep all your systems should be a very secure place. A place where anybody can walk in and walk out with disk drives, software and other gadgets is not safe at all. An assessment is good to make sure your physical security is tight and there is no likelihood of anything getting stolen or taken out without permission to do so.

Every business in this time and era of cyber-attacks and the changing technology landscape must do everything necessary to safeguard information that could lead to data breaches. The only way to do that is by having regular assessments of the whole security system. The areas that mostly need regular assessments are the systems encryptions, anti-spam and anti-virus implementation methods and software, systems remote accesses, firewalls and the systems vulnerability assessments.

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