5 IT Security Trends Carrying into 2018

5 IT Security Trends Carrying into 2018

2017 was a big year for network security. Cybercriminals spent the year proving that no business, big or small, is immune to cybercrime. With the continual rise of data breaches, the demand for stronger security measures is higher than ever. And it's set to stay that way in 2018, with many businesses reporting that IT security is at the top of the list of business priorities. To stay ahead of the curve, our security experts put together some of the best IT security practices that will continue to strengthen your network this year.

Data Security will Improve with Next Generation Firewalls

Businesses should use multiple security products like antivirus software and data loss prevention tools to protect all angles of their data. A next generation firewall takes a step further in keeping data secure.

The advanced analytics tool provides a deeper inspection with more capabilities than it's predecessors and can halt the spread of a cyberattack. In the event a computer gets infected with a virus or a BitCoin mining program, a next generation firewall can limit the effect of the attack by taking the affected machine or machines off the network completely, eliminating it's ability to spread.

Custom Security

Businesses are unique, thus their needs can vary. The cybersecurity market is evolving to accommodate a range of solutions for similar problems. This allows vendors to account for multiple factors like industry, budget and IT infrastructure size to meet specific business needs when determining which solutions will prove most effective.

BYOD Security Focus

The BYOD market is estimated to reach almost $367 billion by the year 2022 according to Global Market Insights. In 2014, the industry was valued at $30 billion. The jump is cause for increased security awareness and implementation of additional security policies to ensure safe usage of mobile and personal devices. Mobile device management will play a key role in the integrity of IT security.

Educating will Create Proactive Measures against Cybercrime

There's a noticeable increase in quantity and quality of cybercrime across all business types. Employees are the first line of defense against threats that manage to breach security software when they are educated about cybercrime. They're also one of the easiest targets for cybercriminals when uninformed. Ask your account manager about ways to educate your employees about suspicious activity on your network.

Patching and Application Testing

Vulnerabilities in software and applications are an easy entrance for cybercriminals. The 2017 Equifax breach is a perfect example of what can happen when patching and application testing are not effectively implemented in IT security practices.  The concept is simple; business security must be tested to know how secure it is. In the event that holes are found, they must be patched and tested again. Identifying and immediately acting on problems keep businesses equipped with the defenses they need.

As cyber threats evolve, so too must network security. An IT security assessment is a great way to evaluate the state of your network today. The assessment identifies weak or vulnerable spots to help determine what course of action will be most effective to your overall IT security plan. Cybercrime is not going away, but our expert team is available to answer any questions about cybersecurity solutions and services.

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