Marketing Agency Turns to Stratosphere for Faster Responses, Better IT Infrastructure Support

IT Support Coverage Plan

Comprehensive onsite and remote support with 24x7x365 proactive monitoring with extended coverage hours to accommodate multiple time zones.

Company Background

The company is a brand marketing agency that provides design work, marketing campaigns and event production services to their clients. With clients relying on them to provide marketing services in a timely and efficient fashion, their IT infrastructure is crucial to maintaining the satisfaction of the companies they represent, especially having to work collaboratively between the Los Angeles, California and Chicago, Illinois offices.

Advertising Marketing Agency Support Case Study LA-CHI

Business Challenge

Their former California IT provider was reactive to their problems and often could not provide answers and service for the problems their network had experienced. Mirrored servers between the offices weren't working, tickets were not being addressed and work was slipping through the cracks as response times from their previous provider would take days. During a server upgrade, their former IT provider did not properly plan and lost thousands of files, which were never recovered.

Stratosphere Networks Solution

When Stratosphere Networks stepped in, we inventoried their solutions and developed a strategic IT assessment and investment plan so we could ensure that IT expenditure is spent where it counts most. Our staff was able to fix the mirrored servers between the Los Angeles and Chicago offices, minimizing downtime and saving time for its end-users working in multiple locations.

We reviewed their backup and recovery plan and then implemented a failsafe backup design and recovery (BDR) strategy using onsite and offsite backups to ensure that data loss will not happen again. Instead of being in the dark like with their previous IT provider, Stratosphere Networks provides quarterly meetings to roadmap the company's IT, discussing new technologies pertinent to their business and evaluating costs.


The company can now expect a response within seconds instead of days. In addition to overseeing their mixed environment of Apple and Microsoft applications, Stratosphere Networks has helped them work more efficiently, providing them with a proactive business continuity plan to prevent a business disaster like they experienced. Stratosphere Networks stepped in to maintain the IT infrastructures for both offices in the following ways:

  • Mirrored servers for collaboration and business continuity
  • Created an off-site backup solution and disaster recovery plan designed and tested to have them back up and running
  • Regroomed voice and data services to increase bandwidth and incur significant cost savings
  • Implemented MPLS network
  • Quarterly meetings with company executives for quality assurance and IT review

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