Auto Dealership Switches to Stratosphere for Faster, More Reliable IT Support

IT Support Coverage Plan

Comprehensive onsite and remote support with 24x7x365 proactive monitoring

Company Background

With five sites all over Chicago, this car dealership offers everything from used luxury cars to new electric sports cars to large SUVs. A prominent automotive group in the Chicagoland area, they provide quality automobile brands such as BMW, Volvo, Cadillac, Hyundai and more. This company relies heavily on high-level communication between its many locations to provide their customers with best-in-class service and labor. As one of the largest Chicago car dealerships, this company provides reliable, top quality service.

Automobile Dealership IT Support Case Study - Chicago

Business Challenge

This car dealership had an IT provider that assigned one person to handle all of the IT support for the five sites. their technology was outdated and they also expected slow resolution and response times from their provider. with only one person responsible for managing the company's IT infrastructure needs, project-related or day-to-day maintenance for five locations, critical issues were often left unresolved. sites lost connectivity for hours, ip phones malfunctioned at different sites, adding to the increasing list of IT maintenance needs within this organization. a single server outage can significantly impair the communication network which this company heavily relies on to coordinate with clients and other offices.

The company's previous IT provider often failed to prevent and resolve solution. in addition, the provider continuously reassured the dealership that its corporate backup was functioning properly. eventually, it was discovered that no such backup system existed.

"Before Stratosphere Networks, our IT provider had one person handling the IT support of all five of our sites. with you as our new managed service provider, we have been able to keep our focus on selling vehicles rather than worry about our technology infrastructure."

Stratosphere Networks Solution

Since Stratosphere Networks began working with the automobile dealership, its entire network of reliable devices has been restructured, ensuring the best possible operation. All was done with minimal service interruptions as the Stratosphere staff worked on the weekends and afterhours to complete the changes, documenting their network and providing peace of mind to a previously overcomplicated, inefficient structure.

This company's server went down the night before Memorial Day- one of the busiest days for a car dealership- making it virtually impossible to access vital information and process orders. Our team worked through the night to make sure the company's server was back up and running before the next workday - where the company sold more than 30 vehicles, making more than $1 million in revenue. On another occasion, Stratosphere's "loaner program" came to the rescue when the dealership was experiences issues caused by low bandwidth. While Stratosphere was repairing and improving the company's equipment, their employees were able to make use of a temporary internet connection which left their productivity intact.

Additionally, the car dealership was able to leverage Stratosphere's team of field technicians during a simultaneous service cutover at each of its locations. This allowed for less downtime as Stratosphere's team of experts was ready to assist-keeping this company's staff focused on selling vehicles rather than worry about their technology infrastructure.


Since the Stratosphere Networks partnership, company executives now have peace of mind their IT is always functioning and they will no longer experience daily interruptions to their schedules. The following are some of the services we performed for them:

  • Remote 24/7/365 monitoring with standard business coverage and response
  • Annual technology plan reviews and disaster recovery planning
  • Voice and data provider interface to open and oversee trouble tickets
  • Management of assets, cases and licenses
  • Implemented new IP telephony phone system allowing remote job sites to communicate more efficiently

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