Four Myths about Migrating to the Cloud


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With more and more businesses turning to the cloud services, there are still some people out there who believe in several myths related to the cloud storage services. These myths arise from within, where the fear resides, the fear of taking risks and dreading new and innovative ideas. This fear makes us distant from the real benefits and innovations. Therefore, it’s important to stay well informed to keep your fear at bay.

Following are the few facts related to the cloud storage services that differentiate the myths from the truth and reality:

  • The cloud services are not secured

Since different people have different perspectives, some of them believe that moving their business data to the cloud will make it less secure and prone to theft. This thinking rises from the fact that one cannot monitor the cloud by themselves and thus is always worried about the security of the business’s confidential data.

Whereas, the truth is that a cloud storage service is as secure as an in-house data storage program. Both the storage services are run by using internet-based services and thus are equally secure. There are several other benefits of the cloud that makes it superior to the in-house data storage services.

  • It is very difficult to customize the cloud services

With hundreds of new companies rising and falling each day, there is no lack in service providers in the market, especially when it comes to IT. With so many cloud service providers available out there, businesses can avail the benefits of customized cloud services. On one hand, the myth says that it is very difficult to get a customized cloud service, and on other hand the reality serves us with our customized platter. Our team at Stratosphere Networks can provide you with the customized cloud services your business needs.

The customization of the cloud services includes the flexibility of the storage space, levels of security, use of technology, and accessibility solutions.

  • Shifting to cloud services may cause disruptions to the business flow

Business in itself is an uncertain concept. Today you have it and tomorrow you may not. So why are there skeptics when it comes to moving valuable business data to the cloud storage?

Migrating to the cloud services is a very important, yet smooth task. All that one needs to do is to choose a service provider, know the services, the benefits, the responsibilities and they are good to go. The best strategy that should be used to move to a cloud is to work step by step. One step at a time assures that only one part of the business is occupied while other parts can work independently till their turns.

  • Cloud services are expensive as compared to in-house data storage solutions

Some businesses that deal in IT solutions tend to have their own in-house backup departments in their companies. However, those who do not deal with the IT can choose cloud services as a better alternative over an in-house data storage department. Installing a new in-house data storage solution demands skilled manpower and equipment that may cost a lot of money and time.

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