Google Glass Will Change Your View of Technology

google glass

Google has introduced its new product, Google Glass. Here are five ways Google Glass has shattered the boundaries of technology.

  1. The Concept: The concept of an augmented reality is not new, but Google certainly just added a new look to it. Users wear a set of glasses with a microphone and camera attached to the right or left lens. This gives any recording or photo a first-person perspective, and allows users to access the Internet and see images right in front of their eyes.
  2. The Design: As mentioned above, the user wears a pair of glasses with a camera and microphone attached to the right or left lens. The user winks to take a picture, and can record video by voice control. To access emails and use the Internet, it only takes a quick swipe to the touchpad located on the right side of the device near the user’s temple.
  3.  The Practicality: Google Glass is very convenient for activities that require the use of both hands. Cooking is easier with a recipe right in front of your eyes, driving is easier with instructions directly in front of you and doctors have even used Glass for minor surgeries.
  4. The Audience: At $1,500 apiece, Google Glass is expensive for the everyday consumer. Because of the price, it’s expected to have more of a commercial appeal. Factory workers, engineers, call center representatives and even some physicians are among the prospective owners of the new product. Employees in industries that require information at a moment’s notice are the most attracted to the hands-free device.
  5. The Competition: In the wake of Facebook’s $2 billion purchase of the Oculus VR, it will be interesting to see what new gadgets are introduced to the industry this year. Oculus VR is more of a virtual reality device, whereas Google Glass captures events and provides real-time assistance. For example, as Forbes explains, Oculus VR allows you to go to Thailand, and all of the virtual residents there speak English. In comparison, you can go to Thailand with Google Glass and it will help you understand what the real residents are saying in Thai. Google Glass was created to assist you and make your daily tasks easier, while Oculus VR makes it so you don’t have to deal with your daily tasks at all. Additionally, Oculus VR is a full on headset compared to the light and small Google Glass, which comes in a variety of styles.

Google has a commercial titled “How it feels” which provides viewers with an idea of what it’s like to use Google Glass. The video can be viewed here.

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