The Benefits of Virtual Desktops

cyber securityWhen you are away from your own personal computer, using a virtual desktop can be very useful. Using a virtual desktop allows you to use programs and files that are found on your own computer’s hard-drive on another compatible system. This way, you aren’t required to have to bring your computer along as extra luggage when you go away on a trip or are away from work. Virtualization is allowing individuals to use technology to share files, meet with others online and have the ability to retrieve files from their own computer without actually bringing it with them.

There are a variety of programs and applications which allow you to retrieve your own personal computer. Some of these programs include GotoMyPC, Xen Client, Xen Desktop and App DNA. Most of these applications have simple and short installation and are usually very easy to use. Such software programs are ideal for businesses, students and even for personal use as well.

One of the most well-known programs amongst the group is probably GotoMyPC. Goto My PC is advertised daily on most local networks. It allows you to have secure remote access to your computer and files. Set-up only takes about two minutes and you can access your desktop no matter where you are at in the world. GotoMyPC also has the ability to go mobile so that you can access your files on your Smart or Android phone.

If you plan on being away for awhile, but would still like access to your personal programs and files, then using a virtual desktop could be helpful. Most programs are low in cost or are free to download. Some only allow small monthly fees. For businesses that do a lot of traveling, having the ability to access remote files is also very important as well. By taking advantage of virtualization, more companies and individuals can have access to or share their files without ever having to take their laptop or computer off of its desk.

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