Global Beverage Company Switches to Stratosphere for White-Glove Service

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Company Background

The client is a global adult beverage company based in Chicago.

Winning Over a Global Adult Beverage Company With White-Glove Service

Business Challenge

The client came to us because they were dissatisfied with their managed service provider. Their head of HR handled their IT and wanted faster responses, a more consolidated solution and white-glove service.

Stratosphere Networks Solution

When the client's term was up with their previous MSP, they decided to switch to our comprehensive managed services. Numerous advantages won them over, including the following:

  • Exceptional white-glove customer service
  • IT consulting services for long-term success
  • Quick response to support requests
  • The overall comprehensiveness of our MSP offering, which includes on-site and remote support from our experienced Network Operation Center (NOC) techs, procurement, and more
  • Microsoft expertise
  • Apple support capabilities. We're one of the only managed IT providers of our size that's part of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN). As a member of the ACN, we can assist with client portal setup, procurement from Apple on their behalf, escalating issues to Apple for manufacturer-related support issues, and many other perks.

Because our team has taken over IT-related tasks, the client's head of HR has much more time to focus on projects related to his official role. We're also in the process of ordering and deploying 50 tablets for their nationwide sales team. With the new tablets, their staff members will be able to work from anywhere with built-in internet service. The company is expanding, with more than 100 end users already spread out across the country – so accommodating their growing mobile workforce is vital.

Additionally, as the client currently doesn't have a server, we're also planning to move them to Azure Active Directory. This will streamline the deployment of the tablets in addition to offering other advantages.


By choosing us as their MSP, the client enjoys the following business benefits:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Increased mobility
  • Improved security and a better onboarding experience from the Azure Active Directory deployment
  • Better decision-making ability informed by our strategic IT consultants

With our commitment to being the technology partner that everyone wants to work with and empowering our clients with exceptional service, it's no mystery why this company chose Stratosphere Networks over other Chicago MSPs.

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