Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) solutions

Is your team overwhelmed by a flood of client requests, answering the same questions repeatedly and devoting hours to mundane tasks like scheduling appointments? If so, a conversational AI solution could make a significant difference for your business by taking on basic responsibilities, so your human staff members can focus on higher-value projects.

What is conversational AI?

A conversational AI platform can interact with your clients like a human staff member would, according to Deloitte Digital. The technology leverages advanced capabilities and features such as the following to address customers' queries:

  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Machine learning
  • Intent identification
  • Context awareness
  • Text-to-speech conversion

Some examples of conversational AI include intelligent chatbots and virtual contact center agents, according to IBM.

Enterprise conversational AI

Enterprise conversational AI platforms are a subset of the broader category of conversational AI solutions. Gartner defines enterprise conversational AI as "software applications used to build, orchestrate and support the development of multiple use cases of conversational automation, while targeting multiple roles within the enterprise."

With this type of technology, larger organizations can strategically automate interactions across the company. To meet the needs of enterprises, platforms in this category address various use cases and channels (e.g., speech, chat, messaging, email, and web chat).

Key business benefits of conversational AI

Deploying a conversational artificial intelligence platform can prove advantageous to your company in numerous ways. Here are some of the top reasons why we see clients rely on this technology:

  • Automation of mundane tasks, reducing workload and increasing engagement for human employees (particularly beneficial for contact centers looking to limit turnover)
  • Greater productivity and efficiency
  • Lower labor costs
  • Enhanced customer service, as AI can respond to requests in multiple languages and outside of regular business hours

Any company with a contact center can optimize operations with a conversational AI solution. Industries where this type of technology can have a significant impact include the following:

  • Pest control
  • Plumbing
  • Insurance
  • Auto dealers
  • Collection agencies
  • And more

Finding the best conversational AI platform for your business

There are various conversational AI offerings in the marketplace, and it's vital to identify one that aligns with your specific requirements and objectives. Our trusted technology advisors can leverage their technical experience and expertise, our vast partner network, and advanced tools to pinpoint the best product for your business after evaluating your current situation.

We can rapidly create objective comparison matrices to streamline the purchasing process. Additionally, our price parity guarantee means working with us won't cost you more than going straight to the supplier.

Take the first step toward better customer service and higher productivity today by calling 87-599-3999 or emailing to schedule a consultation with one of our advisors.

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