Steel Product Distributor Boosts Efficiency With Business Intelligence

Company Background

The client is a distributor of customized steel products across various industries.

Business Challenge

The client reached out to us because they were having issues properly utilizing their Salesforce solution and were struggling with business intelligence (BI) and analytics.

Customized Steel Product Distributor Case Study

Stratosphere Networks Solution

Stratosphere's team of trusted advisors conducted initial advisory meetings with the client. We reviewed and researched our portfolio of suppliers and, through our objective advisory consulting services, we recommended they speak with an organization in our partner network that could offer assistance with Salesforce, as well as BI and analytics.

Through our partner's consulting services, the client received the following solutions and deliverables:

  • Dashboards, scorecards, and enterprise key performance indicators (KPIs) for both clients and company management
  • 18 hour/week reduction in manual reporting tasks
  • Consolidation of eight QuickBooks Instances, Microsoft Access Data, ADP and Salesforce


As a result of our trusted advisor services and our partner's consulting services, the client is now a data-driven and more efficient organization.

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