Data Center and Colocation

Data Center and Colocation

Secure, scalable data centers are essential for any business looking to achieve optimal operations and succeed in the digital age. Given how quickly technology evolves and the need for iron-clad cybersecurity measures to guard against constantly evolving threats, maintaining up-to-date data centers and IT infrastructure can be challenging, especially for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with limited resources.

Turning to a third-party provider for data center solutions and services can make life less stressful for your internal IT department and allow them to focus on other strategic projects. We have various suppliers in our extensive partner network that can deliver best-in-class data center offerings, such as the following.

Managed Data Center Services

Lighten your in-house IT team's workload with managed data center services, including the following:

Dedicated Servers

Some of our data center suppliers offer customized dedicated server configurations. Benefits include 100 percent uptime SLAs for power and network connectivity, as well as redundant connectivity, power and cooling, among other advantages.


Leveraging colocation services involves renting space from a data center provider to house servers and other kinds of IT equipment. The vendor is typically responsible for cooling systems, power, bandwidth and IP addresses.

This gives your organization access to enterprise grade, advanced infrastructure, without spending the time and funds needed to construct your own data center. Here are a few more reasons why businesses choose colocation services:

Our Trusted Advisors Can Help You Find the Right Data Center Provider

Our team of senior trusted advisors has years of experience working with data center providers in our partner network. Leverage the value of our advisors' high-level expertise and insights to identify the data center solution that's the best fit for your organization's requirements and objectives.

Take Virtual Tours of Your Data Center Options

We also have an app that allows our clients to virtually tour data centers around the world and assess each one's strengths and weaknesses. For instance, our advisors can show you which centers are located in earthquake zones. We can also assist with data center migrations.

By letting our advisors streamline the shopping around process for you, you'll save dozens of hours and a considerable amount of money. To learn more about our process, visit our Trusted Advisor Model page.

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