Database Vulnerability Management

In today's tech world, cybercriminals have an abundance of ways they can hack and corrupt databases. If proper security management precautions aren't taken, the consequences can be detrimental – especially for SMBs that may or may not have the budget to have an effective solution put in place.

At Stratosphere Networks, we have experts and consultants that can work with you to find the root of a database breach and take all steps necessary to ensure that you have the best protection possible.

Defining database vulnerability

Database vulnerability can be defined in several ways. It can vary depending on the business and how the organization currently manages its databases. It might include the following:

Protecting your databases

When it comes to protecting your business's databases, there is no full-proof way of preventing them from being breached. However, if you follow these key steps, you can significantly decrease your chances of facing a database breach:

  1. Assess
    1. Inventory
      1. Utilize tools and applications to inventory all the databases within your company's network.
    2. Testing
      1. Test your databases during development as well as before, during and after deployment.
    3. Fixing vulnerabilities
      1. Once you complete several rounds of testing, make sure your business immediately addresses any obvious vulnerabilities or flaws within your database security systems.
    4. Enforcing least privileges
      1. Least privilege is the practice of limiting database user access rights to the bare minimum number of permissions they need to perform their job functions.
  2. Protection
    1. Monitor for anomalies
      1. Ensure your organization has methods put in place to continuously monitor for any type of unusual behavior or system activity.
    2. Protect
      1. Have individuals or teams put in place to monitor database security around the clock.
    3. Respond to Incidents
      1. In the event of a breach or security incident, organizations should make sure that they always have someone ready to respond in a timely manner.

As more and more businesses adopt cloud-based solutions, implementing practices and tech tools that protect data and databases from hackers, malware, and other security threats is crucial. At Stratosphere Networks, we make sure our clients' information is safeguarded against security threats. Our team's proactive approach will fend off hackers and malware and prevent malicious entities from accessing important data.

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