Electrical Contractor Achieves $40K in One-Day Savings With Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

IT Support Coverage Plan

Comprehensive remote and onsite IT support with 24x7x365 proactive monitoring.

Company Background

The company - based in Northbrook, Illinois - performs high-end electrical installations in the Midwest, with a focus on medical facilities, data centers and networks.

Electrical Contractor Backup & Disaster Recovery Case Study

Business Challenge

The contractor uses on-site management software to handle their billing, workflow and project management. Early one morning, Stratosphere Networks received an alert that the server - which is critical to the contractor's business - had become unreachable. Remote troubleshooting revealed out-of-band management wasn't working either.

Stratosphere Networks Solution

Stratosphere carried out an on-site trip to continue to troubleshoot the server, and the technician and manufacturer determined it had a bad motherboard that required replacement. Meanwhile, the machine was unbootable and inaccessible. Unfortunately, the hardware service level agreement involved next business day parts for the server, leaving the business in a tough spot in the meantime.

Luckily, Stratosphere was able to use its continuity and recovery solution to access a virtualized copy of a known good working machine state from the previous night. Within minutes, techs achieved an instant virtualization, which allowed the contractor to access vital resources again with no network changes or noticeable differences for end users. The company was able to use the server as usual until the parts were replaced the next day.

Once the server was working in a normal state again, Stratosphere was also able to use the virtualized copy (which was still backed up while the repairs took place) to move changed files to the original server with minimal effort. Overall, this process took place with only 10 minutes of noticeable downtime for the company.


As a result of Stratosphere's solution, the business was able to carry on as normal - processing orders, scheduling work, and invoicing for completed jobs. Based on their run rate, they realized an estimated $40,000 in one-day savings.

With the business continuity and recovery solution and support from Stratosphere, the company's leaders can now rest assured that even if a critical server goes offline, they can still function as a business thanks to virtualization. With a business continuity solution in place, the contractor experiences minimal downtime and maintain high levels of productivity, in addition to great customer service.

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