Electrical Contractor IT Support Testimonial - Northbrook

"We would like to thank you for the impeccable service the team at Stratosphere Networks has provided us. There's no comparison to what we had and what we now have.

"Prior to Stratosphere Networks, we would lose hours upon hours of productivity in the event of a power outage or crash. We had nearly a half dozen of different IT providers, who were unresponsive, which would force us to use our own resources for IT management. If our server went down in the middle of the night, the controller of our company was called in to manually reboot. Our overall day-to-day infrastructure was a mess and took the focus off our profitable aspects and placed it on IT.

"With the Stratosphere Networks team, our fears of an IT malfunction were placed at ease because of your expertise and improvements to our network, proactive monitoring, and remote remediation capabilities. Whenever we need support, we get it via your 24/7 operations center and live-answer help desk. We can always rely on your team to answer our calls at any time of the day and provide us with prompt service. Now that our disruptions are minimal and insignificant, our employees can focus on their daily work.

"Thank you Stratosphere Networks for the quick and reliable service; we look forward to continued success with you!"

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