Email Spam Solutions

Each year, millions of emails with malicious attachments find their way into corporate inboxes, just waiting for an employee who is too stressed or in too much of a hurry to notice the details. Once the recipient opens the attachment, it can wreak havoc not only on your employee's computer but also your entire network. Stratosphere Networks can connect you with leading suppliers of managed IT security solutions to prevent viruses, phishing scams and spam from making it into your team members' inboxes and stop cyberattacks before they start.

Our partners' offerings include spam email detection and email encryption solutions that can enhance staff productivity and network performance. That means that you and your employees will only receive the email you want, while your security service provider filters out the viruses and spam solicitations before they hit your computer and mobile device inboxes. The right security solution supplier will act as a filter to protect your email system, limiting exposure to external threats and allowing your staff to focus on daily work. The unwanted email will never take up space, since it never reaches your network.

Our team helps you identify leading email security solutions to minimize threats and maximize network performance by monitoring all inbound and outbound traffic. Our partners will proactively keep an eye on your system and remedy potential problems so that you can focus on your day-to-day business operations.

Email Spam

Hosted Spam Filter Solutions

Our advisors can identify hosted spam filter solutions that can be layered on top of your hosted email services. Our partners can set up and customize your settings, allowing you to blacklist and whitelist domains, as well as block spam, viruses and high-volume attacks before they hit your corporate network.

We work with various vendors and can help you select the right spam solution for your business. Some of the benefits and features of the offerings from our strategic partners include the following:

Email Encryption Solutions

Stratosphere Networks is partnered with Zix to provide your organization with high-quality email encryption and data loss solutions that you can count on. Our IT professionals can assist you by configuring your Zix solution to protect sensitive email data, strengthen your communications and help you with your compliance needs.

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