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Each year, millions of emails with malicious attachments find their way into corporate inboxes, just waiting for an employee who is too stressed or too in a hurry to notice the details. Once the attachment has been opened, not only can it can wreak havoc on your employee's computer, but your entire network. Stratosphere Networks can manage your IT security features to prevent viruses, phishing scams and spam from making it into your organization's inbox and attacking your computer systems.

Our services include email migration, spam email detection and email encryption solutions that can enhance staff productivity and network performance. That means that you and your employees will only receive the email you want, while we filter the viruses and spam solicitations before they hit your computer and mobile device inboxes. We act as a filter to protect your email system, limiting exposure to external threats, allowing your staff to focus on daily work. The unwanted email will never take up space since Stratosphere makes sure it never reaches your network.

Our team helps you minimize threats and maximize network performance by monitoring all inbound and outbound traffic. We proactively check your system and remedy potential malfunctions so that you can focus on your day-to-day business operations.

Email Migration Services

Stratosphere Networks offers email migration services for organizations of all sizes and for a variety of needs including consolidation, upgrades and email backups. Our certified IT professionals can help you plan your email migration and determine the most viable solution to achieve your anticipated goals.

In addition to email migration, we've partnered with some of the best providers of enterprise email and spam filtering solutions in the industry in order to help you keep your inbox spam-free and secure. Our partner brands include Microsoft Office 365, Hosted Exchange, Cloud Exchange, Reflexion and Zix.

Microsoft Office 365 - One of the most well respected and popular email solutions for businesses both large and small, Office 365 is a subscription-based email application with a variety of features. Office 365 can be installed across multiple users and devices and configured to support features such as web conferencing, cloud based storage and integrated email and spam filtering. Businesses can gain both web and application access to every day tools including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Notepad, Publisher, Lync (Skype for Business), and OneDrive (cloud storage). Plans vary based on a variety of client needs. Different plans include: Business Essentials, Business, Business Premium, Enterprise E1, ProPlus, Enterprise E3, and/or Enterprise E4. Let us help you migrate your Email and Office tools. Skykick assistance helps make migrations smoother; however, the team of professionals at Stratosphere makes the migration a completely seamless experience!

Hosted Exchange - Microsoft Hosted Exchange is a powerful email solution that's commonly used in many large corporations, but may be too powerful of a solution for smaller organizations. Hosted Exchange is a cost effective solution for organizations that want to take advantage of the Exchange server without the responsibility of purchasing hardware or performing maintenance.

Cloud Exchange - Our Cloud Exchange hosted email solution provides the ultimate in flexibility and is ideal for businesses that require on-demand, direct access to multiple networks from multiple locations. Cloud Exchange offers enhanced security controls, multiple bandwidth options, high performance and more.

Hosted Spam Filter Solutions - We offer hosted spam filter solutions that can be layered on top of your hosted email services. Our IT professionals can set up and customize your settings, allowing you to blacklist and whitelist domains as well as block spam, viruses and high volume attacks before they hit your corporate network.

  • Reflexion offers complete control over your email security with robust features such as email encryption and continuity as well as archiving, discovery and recovery.
  • McAfee's MX Logic is another popular option that allows Hosted Spam and Web Security Solutions. Contact us to learn more about McAfee SaaS offerings.
  • Clients that want better control can leverage an on-premise solution such as a Barracuda in a privately controlled data center for business continuity and uptime.

Email Encryption Solutions - Stratosphere Networks is partnered with Zix to provide your organization with high quality email encryption and data loss solutions that you can count on. Our IT professionals can help you configure your Zix solution to protect sensitive email data, strengthen your communication and help you with your compliance needs.

Google for Business - More commonly referred to as Google Apps for Work, Google for Business allows your business to migrate business email services as well as Office tools to the Google ecosphere. GMAIL has been a popular email service for personal users and due to the easy-to-use interface and search features; Google has introduced Google for Business Email. In addition, other tools have been introduced to replace tools for documents, tables, and cloud storage. Contact us for more details on how we can help migrate and train your end users to leverage Google Apps for Business. The Product Suite is composed of powerful communication tools such as Gmail (Email), Hangouts (for instant messaging), Calendar (for shared calendaring), Google+ (for social presence and networking), Google Drive (for cloud Storage), and Admin and Vault for centralized user management. In addition, office tools for collaboration include Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Slides and Google Sites which compare to the Microsoft Office suite.

Stratosphere Networks offers onsite and remote email migration as well as hosted and cloud-based email client solutions designed to meet your needs, no matter how complex. For more information on Stratosphere Networks' email migration and spam solutions, contact us or call 877-599-3999.

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