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CTO's and IT managers of large-size businesses have high level expectations and are often faced with HR decisions and issues within their own IT staff that can distract them from critical IT initiatives. Managing, training, hiring and firing IT members and network administrators is time consuming and costly. Stratosphere can augment your higher level members allowing you to keep your internal IT staff to a manageable size.

The daunting task of meeting with IT solution providers and managing all current IT vendors can be alleviated with the help of Stratosphere Networks. If your business has multiple locations, then you have a whole new level of expectations that can easily be manageable with the right IT partner.

"IT Managers currently spend nearly 70% of their time and budget maintaining their current infrastructure and 30% innovating business processes." CIO magazine "New Initiatives Spending Versus Keeping the Lights On"

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Research shows that businesses that engage a qualified MSP, gain nearly twice as much time to focus on improving their business can remain more competitive, flexible and nimble. Instead worrying about technology, the team at Stratosphere Networks will help you stay on top of leading technology trends and makes sure your technology plan is up to date and in-line with your business plan and goals.

Our IT needs are multi-faceted. We started our relationship with Stratosphere when they recommended a BDR/BC solution that we were not familiar with until meeting with Stratosphere. Ever since then, we have relied on them to provide managed services for many of our support needs, which has allows us to not have to keep hiring our own staff. Then there is management of our IT vendors. We were wasting so much time on almost a daily basis calling vendors like our voice and internet service providers, our PBX vendors, application and software vendors. Now we just call Stratosphere and they take care of it much quicker than we used to. We have also trusted them to advise us on new solutions, and to perform complex implementation projects.

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