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Stratosphere Networks' Launches Infographic Campaign

Managed Service Provider Stratosphere Networks Unveils New Website Section for Infographics

Stratosphere Networks, an IT support company in the Chicagoland area, launched a new infographic section on their website July 1, 2014. The infographics are to better educate current clients, potential clients, business owners, CIOs, CEOs and CFOs on various IT topics.

While Stratosphere Networks has other means in place to educate clients and other professionals, such as blog posts, email blasts and newsletters, the infographic campaign will be able to extend their IT knowledge to more people. Putting data, facts, statistics and tips into a creative, visual form will allow for an easier and more entertaining way to take in information.

Stratosphere Networks delivers best-in-class services to businesses of all industries. As experts on a wide range of IT solutions, Stratosphere Networks knows the importance of educating business owners on current trends and new technologies. Creating an easy-to-access page on their website will make it much easier for individuals to browse and share information. Some of the topics featured in the infographics include videoconferencing, cloud, phishing, and backup disaster recovery.

More infographics will be added to the website continuously, and can be seen on their social media pages as well. To browse the infographics, visit

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