International Fraternity Solves Connectivity Issues With Cisco Meraki Solutions

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Company Background

The client is an international fraternity with 170 active chapters and more than 200,000 initiated members.

International Fraternity and Cisco Meraki Case Study

Business Challenge

The client was experiencing severe connectivity issues due to the fact that the housing corporation boards were all operating using different WiFi solutions. This left the 12 houses with different vendors and minimal consulting services to the local chapters of the organization. We also discovered that some houses had Meraki access points with underpowered switches and firewalls that weren't meeting performance standards, wasting both resources and money.

Frustrated with the state of their services, the fraternity reached out to Stratosphere Networks to serve as their trusted advisor, perform site surveys for houses with slowed internet speeds, and provide recommendations for networking and WAN connectivity.

Stratosphere Networks Solution

The Stratosphere team performed site surveys for the locations experiencing issues and were able to deliver the following solutions:

  • Cisco Meraki networking platform
  • Design and implementation of full Meraki stacks in the 12 different chapter houses across the country


With the help of Stratosphere, the client was able to have a fast, reliable, and secure network experience. Through our support and services, they are able to:

  • Utilize an enterprise class solution in the privacy of their own facilities
  • Rely on dependable network connectivity that allows fraternity members to stay engaged in their studies
  • Experience service that rivals the university's managed housing and private housing service offers, as well as personalized support that keeps them competitive in the housing market

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