Logistics and Transportation IT Support Testimonial - Chicago

"We wanted to thank you for being a true extension of our organization. With your assistance, we were quickly up and running and saw decreased downtime thanks to the efficiency of the Stratosphere Networks team.

"As you well know, our rapidly growing needs along with our fast-paced technology requirements demand our business to stay cutting-edge with minimal downtime as possible.

"In our past experience with an IT provider, we were having Internet speed and performance issues as well as server issues that were not getting resolved. Our need for a new managed service provider was inevitable. When our server crashed, we were lucky to have Stratosphere step in right away to take care of our emergency. When we found Stratosphere Networks, we knew we had made the right decision-we no longer have to monitor our own server and network. We now rely on an entire team of experts to keep up with the complex technology upgrades our industry demands.

"I would recommend Stratosphere Networks to any small-, medium- or large-sized business looking for a fast service, reliable team of experts who have the best solutions for each industry."

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