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Medium-Sized Business IT Professionals Worried about job security?

Managing the IT infrastructure for a busy company can be a daunting task and maintaining each system with minimal downtime can often be overwhelming. Add value to your position by allowing yourself to manage new and more complex projects and solutions. Give yourself the flexibility to achieve more certifications by partnering with Stratosphere Networks.

Desktop support, alarm notification, automated offsite BDR solutions, hosted email and other applications are all examples of how to maximize your time and expertise. If your business has multiple locations, then you have a whole new level of expectations that can easily be manageable with the right IT partner.

"IT Managers currently spend nearly 70% of their time and budget maintaining their current infrastructure and 30% innovating business processes." CIO magazine "New Initiatives Spending Versus Keeping the Lights On"

With Current IT Staff MSP Graph Time IT Issues
With Qualified MSP MSP Graph Time IT Issues

Research shows that businesses that engage a qualified MSP, gain nearly twice as much time to focus on improving their business can remain more competitive, flexible and nimble. Instead worrying about technology, the team at Stratosphere Networks will help you stay on top of leading technology trends and makes sure your technology plan is up to date and in-line with your business plan and goals.

Our management team and I would agree on new projects and we would detail expectations and deadlines. I either had to rush to meet deadlines or other times I simply needed more time. This was frustrating for my managers and very stressful for me. With the help of Stratosphere providing the day to day services, I have been able to provide better analysis of new solutions and have been able to easily meet implementation deadlines.

IT Manager of Accounting Firm

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