Network Design

An IT network that meets your organization's unique needs and functions efficiently and securely is essential if you want to optimize operations, boost productivity, and achieve your business objectives. Stratosphere Networks can help you identify a leading managed IT service provider to design a network customized for your company and built to enhance performance.

The Process of Creating an IT Network

The design phase occurs before the actual implementation of your IT infrastructure, which includes all of the equipment in your data room or telecom closet (e.g., routers, firewalls, switches, servers, data storage devices, and more).

IT experts will assess your unique business needs and plan a network that optimizes security, boosts productivity, and provides you with the tech resources you need to operate effectively. The following are just some of the considerations that factor into the network design process:

Our partners work to design networks with infrastructure optimized to boost productivity and deliver benefits like cost containment and increased security. Once they've completed the planning process, certified IT techs will arrive on-site to carry out your customized installation, as well as analysis to make sure the network will achieve the expected level of high performance.

WAN Design

If your company needs a multisite structure, our partners are also capable of designing and implementing a custom Wide Area Network (WAN), which allows systems in different locations to appear as if they're one system at one site while still operating independently. The features and advantages of a WAN system include the following:

Once your IT network is designed and installed, you'll also need to consider your infrastructure management, proactive monitoring, and security needs. Our advisors can help you find a managed service provider that can provide you with all of these services to ensure your network stays secure and continues to function optimally.

Next Steps

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