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Cloud call center software offers an alternative to traditional call center technology that relies on on-premises software and hardware, which can run into issues related to agent inflexibility, outages, upgrades and more. Cloud-based contact centers are a great solution for businesses looking to deliver more efficient and effective customer support while also improving client engagement and satisfaction. For organizations that want to enrich the customer experience and reap the benefits of cloud technology, Stratosphere Networks partners with leading cloud contact center solution suppliers.

NICE inContact

With its flexible cloud-based applications, NICE inContact has established itself as a leader and pioneer in the contact center technology space. Whether your contact center is enterprise, inbound, outbound or blended, NICE inContact can boost productivity within your business (regardless of size), help your company manage customer interactions, analyze call center performance, perform CRM integrations, and more

NICE inContact offers the following features for call centers:

  • Automatic Call Distribution

    (ACD) provides a universal queue for multiple channels of communication and uses skills-based routing to direct customers to agents with the right expertise. As the core of the NICE inContact platform, ACD also performs automatic call backs for customers who must leave the queue but want to keep their place in line. The ACD software is easy to customize and offers CRM integration options, so that you can import customer data to help your agents handle calls as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Interactive Voice Response

    (IVR) software helps contain costs by giving customers the option to verbally select the support they want for simple issues such as billing and account inquiries. Cloud IVR technology allows multiple call center locations to take advantage of the same technology and deliver consistent support.

  • CXone Personal Connection dialer

    eliminates the greeting delays of legacy dialers. Agents can be connected before the customer answers, allowing for a more positive and productive interaction between the customer and the agent. The software ensures that your business remains compliant with government regulations through intelligent call suppression which automatically reviews numbers in the dialing queue to verify if he/she is included on a do-not-call list.

  • Workforce Management

    (WFM) software uses predictive data to optimize schedules, based on historical trends and call volumes. The workforce management solution also factors in the many variables such as staff scheduling, such as breaks, skill levels and availability. This promotes service goals and adds bandwidth for supervisors looking to focus more on team and business rather than scheduling. Furthermore, workforce management software lets employees enter scheduling preferences and bid on schedules to ensure that agents follow assigned schedules and gain visibility into contact center performance.

  • NICE inContact CXone ECHO

    gathers feedback from customers to provide valuable information about agent performance and client satisfaction. Multiple delivery options (i.e. email and chat) let agents survey customers using a method that works best for all parties. The ECHO software also measures first call resolution, information that can give you the insights you need to optimize customer service and your contact center processes. Pre-built reports help you quickly grasp areas where your staff performs well and what needs work, and the results from each customer survey can prompt you to either praise your agents or target areas for improvement and additional coaching.

  • CXone Automation and Artificial Intelligence

    frees your contact center from the busy work that can hold your business back through workforce intelligence solutions and AI chatbots. Provide customers with intelligent self-service through NICE inContact's robotic automation that can execute and manage repetitive processes that don't require human involvement.

  • Call Center Analytics & Reporting

    provide the metrics you need to make the best decisions for your business. Using more than 100 industry standard metrics and ready-to-go templates, you can generate ad-hoc reports and track year-over-year and month-over-month trends quickly and easily. If you want more detail, this solution makes it simple to filter by campaign, team, skill, agent or any combination of those factors. The software also offers dashboards that allow for real-time contact center performance tracking.

With a cloud-based solution from NICE inContact, your company can deliver the high-quality support experience necessary to give your customers the service they're looking for. To learn more about cloud communication solutions and how they can help your business, contact us today at or (877) 599-3999.

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