Nonprofit Creates Document Library With SharePoint

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Company Background

The client is a national nonprofit organization based in Chicago.

Nonprofit SharePoint Case Study

Business Challenge

The client wanted to create a library of documents that could still be found easily after title changes/edits and folder relocations. Additionally, the organization wanted departmental hierarchies and privacy controls. For example, they wanted the finance department to have full access to expense reports, while users outside of that department would have limited general access.

Stratosphere Networks Solution

One of our strategic partners assisted our client by providing professional services and assisting with the implementation of Microsoft SharePoint, a web-based document management and collaboration platform. SharePoint allows for the creation of a centralized, secure space where members of the organization can share documents. Our partner provided some training/change management guidance to help with the end user adoption process.


Now that the client has SharePoint, end users have access to a document library where files have backend names that don't change, even if the frontend title is edited. As a result, users no longer have trouble finding documents even after title changes and relocations. The platform also allows for departmental hierarchies as far as privacy controls are concerned.

Implementing SharePoint has also given the organization the following advantages:

  • Multi-user access to documents, similar to Google Docs
  • "Breadcrumb" file trails for greater maneuverability
  • Greater organizational security, since all documents now live in SharePoint (compared to less secure platforms leveraged previously)

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