Oncology Care Provider Turns to Stratosphere for Reliable IT Support

IT Support Coverage Plan

Comprehensive onsite and remote support with 24x7x365 proactive monitoring

Company Background

A leader in oncology and hematology medical practice, this company has been serving the northwest Chicagoland since 1992. Its physicians and staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to meet the needs of adults experiencing illness due to cancer. The team is focused on a single goal: conquering cancer using the most current therapies in the most effect setting - a comfortable and convenient location, close to home, family and your circle of support.

This company's team includes highly trained and experienced oncology-certified nurses, as well as a board-certified oncology pharmacist who provides expertise in drug-related issues surrounding treatment. The same physician and nurse supervise a patient's care throughout the course of treatment, and each patient becomes an active member of his or her own care team.

Oncology Care Provider IT Support Case Study - Chicago

Business Challenge

This company's previous IT provider had unreliable response times as they would sometimes wait around for a whole week until someone came to fix an issue, interfering with day-to-day operations.

The medical group was searching for replacement, they needed a provider who could support the specific industry applications they have and need, and at the same time have some knowledge of the medical industry to help them stay competitive. They were looking for a provider who could deliver quick response times. The company especially needed an IT partner who could efficiently backup their servers as their own provider was using outdated tape backups.

Their former IT provider was reactive to their problems and often could not provide answers and service for the problems their network had experienced, minimizing company productivity. Additionally, their bill would fluctuate drastically every month. For example, when there would be an issue, such as a printer not working, an engineer would be sent out, only to find out he needed a part, and when he came back with the part he would realize he had the wrong part - this company would be billed for every single trip and hour of labor he was there. Problems such as this would not only be costly to the company, but would also waste employee time as productivity would decrease since issues were not being handled right away.

"What would take hours for their previous it provider to complete, stratosphere networks finishes in minimal time, maximizing our productivity."

Stratosphere Networks Solution

Stratosphere Networks inventoried their solutions and developed a strategic IT assessment and investment plan, ensuring that IT expenditure is spent where it counts most, all at a flat rate, comCared to their previous everchanging bill.

The Stratosphere staff optimized this company's office space when they virtualized workstations and removed old devices. New workstations, spam filtering service, cloud based backup solution with virtualization, and even a new website designed by Stratosphere took their services to the next level.

Ensuring they never experience a data loss, we reviewed their backup and recovery plan and then employed a backup design and recovery (BDR) strategy using onsite and offsite backups. Instead of being in the dark resembling their previous IT provider, Stratosphere Networks provides quarterly meetings to roadmap the company's IT, discussing innovative technologies relevant to their business and evaluating costs.


Since the Stratosphere Networks partnership, company executives now have peace of mind their IT is always functioning and they will no longer experience daily interruptions to their schedules. The following are some of the services we performed for them:

  • Remote 24/7/365 monitoring with standard business coverage and response
  • Annual technology plan reviews and disaster recovery planning
  • Voice and data provider interface to open and oversee trouble tickets
  • Management of assets, cases and licenses
  • Implemented new IP telephony phone system allowing remote job sites to communicate more efficiently

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