IT Security Solutions: Carbon Black

Security Solutions: Carbon Black

When cyber criminals look to gain access to your company's network, they're trying to get their hands on the data on your endpoints, such as laptops, desktops, and servers. Given how quickly IT security threats have evolved, traditional solutions aren't enough for businesses that want to adequately protect their endpoints.

To combat increasingly dynamic cyber attacks, you need next-generation endpoint protection. Stratosphere and Carbon Black - a market leader in endpoint security software - can help with the following products.

Security Platform

The Carbon Black Security Platform gives your business the ability to prevent, hunt, detect and respond to endpoint security threats, in addition to automating regulatory compliance controls. Key features and capabilities include the following:

Enterprise Response

If you're looking for one platform that gives your security team the ability to identify, hunt down and disrupt endpoint security threats, Carbon Black Enterprise Response can help. The solution records all critical endpoint activity and centralizes that information to give security teams a complete picture of cyber attacks and facilitate containment and remediation.

Enterprise Response Cloud

The Carbon Black Enterprise Response Cloud is a comprehensive SaaS endpoint detection and response platform that enhances your ability to identify and take care of security threats without paying for additional infrastructure. The solution continuously records and keeps a centralized record of all endpoint activity, which is then combined with information from unified intelligence sources to show a complete "kill chain" for security threats.

Enterprise Protection

More than 2,000 enterprises around the world have turned to the Carbon Black Enterprise Protection solution, which combines all-inclusive compliance rule sets, real-time visibility, and a range of threat prevention capabilities in one offering. Additionally, the solution gives security teams the ability to automate tasks such as malware banning, file analysis, and file and applications approval requests, among others.

Threat Intel

Carbon Black Threat Intel uses real-time data from a global network of partnerships and millions of endpoints to help you detect and respond to security threats before they cause problems for your organization. This threat intelligence service pinpoints contextual patterns to allow for advanced threat protection.

Overall, Stratosphere and Carbon Black can give your business all of the tools it needs to ensure endpoint security and protect sensitive information from evolving cyber threats. To learn more about these offerings, contact us today at 877-599-3999 or

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