Staffing Firm Ensures Fast Customer Service With Comprehensive IT Support

IT Support Coverage Plan

Comprehensive onsite and remote support with 24x7x365 proactive monitoring and guaranteed two-hour onsite response times for all six locations.

Company Background

Headquartered in Chicago, this company provides quality temporary staffing to the hospitality and light industrial industries, where a growing number of employers are turning to temporary help to run their companies. In order to proactively communicate with existing and potential clients, this company relies heavily on their IT network and Cisco Call Manager VOIP phone system.

Staffing and Recruiting IT Support Case Study - Chicago

Business Challenge

Having one person in charge of all this company's IT infrastructure needs, project-related or day-to-day maintenance for six locations, more critical issues would arise than be resolved. It was a difficult challenge to address all issues at once or even provide a quick response to critical client needs. Sites were losing connectivity for hours, IP phones went in and out at different sites, adding to the standard IT maintenance needs within this organization. This company fully relies on a communication network to manage their business, but with their server down they would be unable to coordinate with clients and the other offices.

Their former IT provider's off-brand solutions would not fix the issues, and would actually open up even more issues. On top of that, corporate wide backup was in place and the client was reassured it was functioning properly - however, the Stratosphere team tested the back up and found nothing.

Stratosphere Networks Solution

Since being brought on board, Stratosphere Networks has replaced all Xroads firewalls with Sonicwalls, ultimately redesigning the whole network to reliable devices, ensuring the best possible operation. All this was done with minimal service interruptions as the Stratosphere staff worked on the weekends and afterhours to complete the changes, documenting their network and providing sanity to a previously "unnecessarily complex" design.

Stratosphere Networks designed and tested internet failover solutions and now if this company's Internet fails, they may be down for a minute while everything switches over. This was tested by us in the lab prior to rolling it out to ensure the solution would work. Their primary internet connection failed thus crippling their business as there are internet centric - no worries, seamless overflow to secondary connection in no time which was transparent to the end users while STRAT NOC received proactive alarms and work with provider to correct issues.

In another instance, this company had two internet providers to allow for primary and secondary internet connections to allow for internet redundancy as well as WAN redundancy, however this was not working. Stratosphere intelligently reengineered the overall network to allow for transparent failure, which came in handy when the client's primary internet connection failed and their business did not come to a standstill.

Additionally, they have leveraged our fleet of field technicians when they had to cut over their services at each one of their locations at the same time. This allowed for less downtime as our team of experts was ready to assist.


This company has since been able to optimize their environment and maintain their fast-paced service and response to their clients without worrying if their IT system is working properly. A few of Stratosphere Networks' specific solution points for them:

  • Remote 24/7/365 monitoring with standard business coverage and response
  • Managed IT helpdesk as well as managed firewalls, routers, switches, antivirus, VPN concentrator, along with backup and disaster recovery solution (BDR)
  • Quarterly IT health checks with company executives
  • Complete maintenance and programming support of Cisco Call Manager VOIP phone system
  • Voice and data provider interface to open and oversee trouble tickets

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