Staffing and Recruiting IT Support Testimonial - Chicago

"As a staffing company in the Chicagoland area, we rely heavily on our phone systems and IT network. In the past, we had one person managing all our IT needs, who was hard to track down and whose knowledge base was limited. The IT provider's recommendations would only increase our issues, not resolve them. We've experienced outages that would last hours and would put our business to a standstill. Moving our IT support over to Stratosphere has given us the peace of mind that your team will have us up and running right away with its backup service.

"Stratosphere Networks has proven to be the perfect company to step in as our IT provider because of their extensive knowledge of our industry-specific applications. Their team of certified experts is always prepared to answer any questions or concerns that we may have.

"Thank you Stratosphere Networks for giving us peace of mind when it comes to our IT infrastructure and allowing us to focus on our business rather than our communications. Keep up the good work, we look forward to continued work with your team!"

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