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Stratosphere Networks CISO Raises Funds for 2020 Ecuador Mission Trip

Executive plans to travel to Quito for the second time to build a home, help children in need

CHICAGO - Jesse Miller, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Stratosphere Networks, is participating in a mission trip to Ecuador organized by Hosanna Church of Minnesota and Contigo International. Miller will be part of an all-men's team that will build a home for a family in an area of Quito called Pisuli.

The trip will take place from Feb. 22 to March 1, 2020. This is Miller's second time traveling to Quito: He also went on a mission trip last year to help the community in Pisuli, a neighborhood marked by poverty, violence and overall harsh living conditions. Many parents in this area lack the means to support their children and, as a result, end up abandoning them to the state-run orphanage system. Due to the lack of a foster care system in Quito, children whose families cannot support them must either live in an institution or on the streets.

One of the goals of this year's mission trip is to help a family stay together and keep their kids safe through the construction of a house. Miller and the other participants will also visit some of the institutions in the area and spend time with the children who live there.

"Upon returning from last year's trip, I almost immediately knew I would be going back," Miller said. "There's so much to be done, and although I know my personal contributions of time and money only make a small difference in the grand scheme of things, it's still making a change for the better. If we can all make a little bit of change, and sacrifice some of our comforts - whether that's time, money, or possessions - to help those in need, those little changes begin to add up, and I truly believe we will see our world transformed before our eyes."

Miller has been personally tasked with raising $3,100 to fund the mission trip. Stratosphere has already donated to support the cause. To contribute, please visit

"We're extremely proud of Jesse for traveling to Ecuador again this year to help children in need," said Kevin Rubin, president and CIO of Stratosphere Networks. "We encourage all of our team members to contribute to the greater good and take time to assist the less fortunate. He's doing an excellent job of exemplifying our commitment to giving back."

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