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Stratosphere Networks Sponsors 2018 GRIN2B Foundation Family Conference

Chicago IT managed service provider supports efforts to reach better understanding of rare genetic variation

CHICAGO - Stratosphere Networks has announced it will sponsor the GRIN2B Foundation's first Family Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday, September 21 and Saturday, September 22. The event will bring together families and researchers at The American Hotel, a Doubletree by Hilton, in downtown Atlanta in the hopes of gaining a better understanding of the effects of variations in the GRIN2B gene.

The GRIN2B Foundation is a parent-run organization devoted to furthering GRIN2B gene research and supporting the growing community of people impacted by a GRIN2B diagnosis. GRIN2B is a gene on the short arm of the 12th chromosome and is one member of a family of 7 genes, according to the Foundation. Those genes encode proteins that create a receptor that sends chemical messages between neurons and the brain.

There currently is no known syndrome name associated with variances in the GRIN2B gene. Variations in this gene include gain-of-function mutations (where the receptor is more active than normal and can cause neurodevelopmental issues and potentially seizures) and loss-of-function mutations (where the receptor is less active than normal and can result in neurodevelopmental problems and possibly learning difficulties).

Some common symptoms of GRIN2B variations include hypotonia (low muscle tone), delayed gross and fine motor skills, non-verbal and/or delayed speech development, and cognitive delays. Associated conditions and disorders include intellectual disability, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, visual perceptual disorder, and cortical visual impairment.

"We're more than happy to support this conference and the GRIN2B Foundation's efforts to further research on this gene and support affected families," said Kevin Rubin, President and COO of Stratosphere Networks. "Our company constantly strives to make life better for people in need, and helping the growing number of people impacted by GRIN2B variations is a very worthy cause."

Stratosphere Networks is a Chicago IT support provider that delivers comprehensive technology services and solutions to businesses across various industries. In addition to managed IT services, the company delivers cloud consulting services and managed cybersecurity solutions.

For more information about the GRIN2B Foundation Family Conference, please visit the GRIN2B Foundation website.

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