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Thunderstorm Aftermath: How Your Business Can Survive Despite Outages

Thousands Affected By Power Outages In the Wake of Chicago Storms-But How Much Can It Cost?

Evanston, IL - As storms blanket the greater Chicagoland area, thousands of residents and businesses are working to recover from power losses and damages. While much of the power has been restored, tens of thousands of residents are still without power-including several businesses. What happens to your business when initiatives are not put in place to quickly recover or completely avoid any system downtime due to natural disasters? Are you crossing your fingers, just hoping that all of your data comes back? Furthermore, is there a bulletproof backup and disaster recovery system in place to recover data?

"When there is any amount of infrastructure downtime, a business has the potential to lose substantial revenue," said Erica Abdnour, Director of Marketing at Converged Communication Systems, a nationwide provider of best-in-class IP telephony and unified communication solutions and proactive support services. "However, thunderstorms that knock out power for days on end create a giant headache for companies who rely on their communication infrastructure; loss of revenues, employee productivity, and confidential records could cause significant strain to the bottom line."

Simple changes to your IT infrastructure can help your company continue to thrive even in the wake of natural disasters. An IT consultant can arrange for your phone calls to be forwarded to cell phones so that integral communication is not missed. Have more than one business site? One option is to set up a redundant network, which will allow for your other location to intercept calls on behalf of the site that suffered the power outage.

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