User Rights Management

User rights management controls which resources a user or employee can access and what actions they can perform with those resources. A user rights management system is often developed based on an employee's role within the company and their daily responsibilities - meaning that certain teams or employees will have access to resources based on credentials or criteria that allow them to fulfill the responsibilities of their role.

With the growing number of data storage devices, there comes an increased risk of exposing personal and business information and resources. Now more than ever, maintaining control over the data and information your employees can access is a vital component of data security and is an area that your business should invest time and money in implementing.

Least Privilege

The principle of least privilege grants users the least amount of privilege necessary to perform their job functions and duties. Users are granted permission to read, write and generate files that are only necessary to do their job.

It is best to streamline this process with an automated solution that effectively controls database security processes and is consistent with compliance requirements. This way, organizations can more easily discover, manage and eliminate excess user permissions.

However, roles within an organization change - meaning that user roles and permissions are constantly changing as well. Inherited privileges often raise concern from a user rights management perspective as changing work roles make it increasingly difficult for organizations to track which employees have access to files and company resources.

Enforcing least privilege

Here are a couple of tips that your business can follow to enforce least privilege.

  1. Identify users with inappropriate and undesired access to sensitive databases.
  2. Identify users with valid privileges and ensure access is limited strictly to the databases they need to perform their role.
  3. Make available an audit trail of how users' rights were assigned.
  4. Ensure that correct user account access is granted.
  5. Maintain an inventory of users deployed across your organization's databases.
In summary

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