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Virtual Risk Officer (vRO) Services from Stratosphere Networks

Do you want to lower your IT security risk level? Cybersecurity has become a significant point of concern for many businesses as IT security threats continue to evolve and reports of data breaches keep coming in. Hackers come up with new strategies for gaining access to sensitive information and new types of malware emerge on a daily basis.

For businesses without the time and resources to hire and train in-house security experts, staying up-to-date on the constantly shifting IT security landscape can seem impossible. Luckily, for organizations that aim to reduce their risk level while still containing costs, virtual risk officer (vRO) services can help.

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To stay ahead of increasingly creative cyberattackers, it's crucial for all businesses to continuously take proactive steps to minimize their IT security risk level. Virtual RO services can accomplish that by evaluating the security risk level of each individual end user within your organization. Factors that will be considered in assessing end user risk level include the following:

Individual end user risk levels can be used to determine the risk level of each department within your organization, and departmental levels can indicate the risk for your company overall. A vRO will calculate, track, and actively take steps to minimize your data breach risk level.

Our technology consultants and risk officers are available to provide virtual risk officer (vRO) services to our clients, in addition to virtual chief security officer (vCSO), virtual chief information security officer (vCISO), and virtual chief compliance officer (vCCO) services.

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