What CEOs Should Know About the Cloud

Cloud computing is a term being used left and right, without many people fully understanding what it is and what it can do for businesses. The cloud refers to a physical collection of interconnected servers that are easily accessible to a user through a network. More than 80 percent of businesses are utilizing the cloud for at least one form of infrastructure. Cloud computing can provide your business with secure data and application storage, decreased costs and increased reliability. If your business isn't one of them, now is the time to catch up to your competition.

One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is the cost savings. If your company is still managing your own email systems, web hosting or file servers, you could be wasting thousands of dollars a year. Having on-site servers that need constant maintenance and updating is time-consuming and expensive. A third-party firm can manage these for you at a fraction of the price. Our trusted advisors can connect you with leading cloud solution suppliers in our partner network.

Cloud computing will also give your company added flexibility. With cloud computing services vendors, you have the options to change to the best software options quickly and easily. As technology or your necessities change, your cloud services can change with it. Cloud computing also makes it easier for your employees to gain access to important files.

As the CEO, you want to make sure your company's data remains secure. Cloud computing can seem risky, but an experienced company can constantly monitor, manage, innovate and improve your security systems.

Cloud computing may seem like another trendy technology buzzword, but your business can see many improvements by adapting to the cloud. It's a cost-effective way to store data and you'll be able to see its value instantly.

Cloud Computing Advantages
  1. Flexibility
  2. Security
  3. Cost Savings
  4. Productivity
  5. Accessibility
  6. Unlimited Storage

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