4 Apps to Help You Stay Healthy at Work

Staying healthy at work can prove challenging. Many Americans spend a lot of time inactive, typically because they work office jobs. Over time, this lack of physical activity builds up, and combined with poor diet, high stress, and lack of sleep, it becomes a health problem.

Managing your physical (and mental) well-being can be tricky, but fortunately there are various ways to practice healthy habits. Better yet, different apps exist which specifically aid with health. To help you, we’ll list a few apps which can help you both at work and on the go.

1. Pacer. Pacer is a great analytical app primarily for cardio. This app allows users to track their steps, distances, diet, calories burned, and more. For users at work, it will give them an idea of how much activity they’re getting, water they’re drinking, calories they’re consuming, and so on.

The daily recommended amount of steps is 10,000, according to the American Health Association. You can find out if you’re hitting the mark or falling short.

2. Fitbit App. The app for Fitbit is similar to Pacer in that it records steps. But if you happen to own the watch and compatible smartphone, this will give you more in-depth statistics.

Fitbit will record your heart rate, how many hours of sleep you get, total calories burned, and steps taken. It’s an extremely useful tool, and by using it you can see where you need to make improvements, especially if a job is holding you back in the exercise department.

3. F.lux. If you’re allowed to install programs at your work desktop or use a device for work in general, F.lux is an option that reduces eye strain. During business hours, the bright lights of a computer screen can strain your eyes after long periods. They also stimulate the brain to stay awake at late hours of the night.

F.lux gradually reduces this light, however, so that the screen fades to a more orange color scheme, protecting your sight. As a bonus, it’s totally free.

4. Time Out. Productivity requires a healthy, refreshed mind, and breaks are important to achieve that state. Time Out essentially pings the user to take a break by removing their attention from an object and looking at another for around twenty seconds. These small breaks can gradually help boost productivity and reduce stress.

Though managing all aspects of your health is challenging, these apps can make the job just a little bit easier.

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