5 Advantages of Using Microsoft Office 365

If ever you had to type up a school report, make a spreadsheet, or create a business related document, chances are it was done with Microsoft Office. The software suite has been around for years, using multiple programs to create content like PowerPoint presentations or Word documents. Since its creation, Office has gone through great advancements, adapting to the needs of those who use it.

Today, Office 365 exists to better serve the professional community and business organizations by granting access to its platforms whenever needed. Essentially, it’s a lot like a cloud-based Office where users can create customized portals. If you’re curious about how 365 can help your company, here’s a quick list of some advantages it offers.

1. Mobile connectivity. Every day, more companies decide to add mobile compatibility with their services. O365 adds to this by allowing employees to access its services from any compliant devices. From smartphones to tablets to laptops, work can be completed on the go, and sending documents is no longer limited by your physical location.

2. Flexible cost. Many services related to IT require monthly payments. While this is standard, it also means you run the risk of paying for things your organization doesn’t utilize. O365 is different in that you only pay for what’s needed. So, if your business primarily creates spreadsheets and/or Word documents, you’ll only pay for those two. This can be handy especially when determining a monthly budget.

3. Easy setup. Whenever a company looks to take a step forward regarding the software it uses, there are often high costs not only for installation but also for expert setup. O365 doesn’t require an experienced IT veteran to get it going, and the installation process is easy. Failing that, Microsoft has an excellent 24/7 support network that can assist with any questions related to setup, all for free.

4. Better project integration. One of the strongest attributes O365 has comes from the people working on it. Because this Microsoft integration allows multiple people to check through the same project, your employees can get things done more efficiently. O365 allows workers to collaborate even if they aren’t all at the same physical location.

5. Security. The biggest threat to company information is compromised information. There’s no worse outcome than having a lengthy project suddenly ruined because of malicious third parties or malware. Backed by Microsoft and all its security policies, O365 always checks over every document and project for suspicious activity, keeping your hard earned work safe in its virtual vault.

These are only a handful of benefits that come from the cloud focused software suite. If you’re looking to revitalize project ideas or just want proven, high performing software, O365 might be the solution for you.

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