Can Your WiFi Handle a Mobile Workforce? Find Out With These 5 Questions

Internet connectionThe Internet of Things and the rise of mobility have become some of the most discussed topics in the tech world. The number of mobile devices per person is increasing: The typical digital consumer now owns 3.64 connected devices on average, according to the market research firm GlobalWebIndex.

As mobile devices connected to the Internet become more numerous and widespread, that also means businesses will need to re-evaluate their wireless infrastructure. In a mobile, constantly connected world, older wireless solutions won’t be able to keep up. If you suspect you might need a new wireless solution, ask yourself the following questions.

1. Do you provide enough wireless coverage for mobile users? Previously, when people only worked on their computers at their desks, there was no reason to provide WiFi in places like hallways and stairwells. However, the increase in tablet and smartphone ownership and the introduction of those devices into the workplace has created a need for access points to cover employees using mobile devices while they move throughout the building. Expanding your wireless coverage can provide employees on the go with a better business application experience.

2. Do your clients have access to high-quality WiFi? Current and prospective customers who visit your office will likely carry smartphones, tablets, and/or other mobile devices with them. If they can’t connect to the Internet or if the connection isn’t high-quality, that could make them think less of your company and even convince them to turn to a competitor instead.

3. Are your access points overloaded? If your current wireless access point technology is oversaturated because of the number of people using cell phones, laptops, and tablets, upgrading to a new solution could improve performance.

4. Are you thinking about implementing mobile business tools? More and more business tools like IP softphones have gotten pushed out to mobile devices. If you make that move to mobile, your wireless infrastructure needs to be upgraded to keep up.

5. Do you want to make it easier for your employees to collaborate? Newer offices have more open and transient work spaces, and having an up-to-date WiFi solution in place facilitates better and easier collaboration in those areas.

If you feel your business needs a WiFi upgrade after answering these questions, the tech experts at Stratosphere Networks can assist you in finding the solution that best meets your needs. Explore your options today by calling 855-599-9990 or emailing

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