5 Big Data Trends for 2016

big dataAs we find ourselves approaching the second quarter of 2016, the introduction of new technology continues to rise. A majority of this will be centralized on data, the sharing and analyzation of information in the business/consumer world. Making effective use of this data is crucial for many people, and seeing what trends will impact it the most this year is important. Here’s a quick list of major trends that will likely popularize over the rest of the year.

1. Simplifying big data. The surge of information found via the Internet of Things (IoT) and other analytics means data is only getting bigger. Many predict there will be an emphasis on simplifying this information into a more condensed, easier-to-understand formula. The focus on handling larger data loads coincides with the need to make it easier to understand.

2. Data security. More information means a greater need for regulation and management of data. A big trend for the coming year is how this information will be shared and who it will be shared with. Data security and privacy are two major factors driving this need, especially with the latter. With so many ways to integrate personal information through apps, websites, and programs, who sees what will drive that concern into regulation. Protecting all important company-based data is another factor, which could drive an increase in security-based services where relevant.

3. Cloud and data warehouses. The cloud is no stranger to data and has only evolved since its introduction. With its flexible scalability, adding more or less of what’s needed in regards to storage is simple. This means data warehouses (places where information is kept) will feel pressure to offer better services. Many companies that offer data warehouses as a feature will have to compete with the flexibility of the cloud, which could dynamically alter information-based services in the coming year.

4. Personalization. Analytics used in apps, whether it’s related to business or entertainment, have grown in efficiency. As the mentioned data surge gets that much bigger, people will start to see more accuracy in their interests when using said apps. This will allow data and related services to create a better personal experience, unique from individual to individual.

5. Better analyzation tools. Apps related to data prep and scrutinizing its content have grown in popularity, with a larger boom predicted for 2016. It’s understood that businesses want to simplify the preparation of this data as quickly as possible, leading to easier digestion of information. Considering the deluge of info companies expect to see, it’s only natural user apps for prep get higher demand.

As it stands, data is flooding into relevant markets with various ways to analyze and utilize it. Businesses will scramble for new ways to make use of this enriched information, as the data gained will be invaluable. There are still more trends coming for 2016, but these five reasons will likely drive most of the occurring changes.

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