Chicago IT Support: Hybrid Clouds Versus Public Clouds

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Cloud computing is the use of software and hardware resources on a virtualized model. For example, the data from several servers can be migrated to a software-based service cloud, where it is accessible to the user around the clock. As one would expect, this arrangement has several benefits, specifically: lower hardware maintenance costs, decreased use of heating and cooling resources, and easier data recovery in the event of a server failure.

Hybrid Clouds Versus Public Clouds

Three types of clouds deliver the benefits above: private clouds, which are located and maintained at the site of the user; hybrid clouds, which are divided between the location of the user and a service provider; and public clouds, which are located and maintained at the location of a service provider. If your company is trying to decide between implementing a hybrid cloud and a public one, below are some key differences between these types of clouds.

Hybrid Clouds

These are the most popular type of clouds, as they allow the user to pick and choose what cloud resources will be located onsite and which ones will be delegated to a service provider. Hybrid clouds are ideal for companies that have a strong IT presence in house but don’t possess the competency to meet certain IT needs. Hybrid clouds also allow companies to save money by outsourcing IT needs that would be more expensive to meet in house.

Public Clouds

These are the most popular type of clouds for companies that have policies against sharing information with third parties over the Internet. They are also ideal for companies that have a conservative IT budget and need to minimize start up expenses and maintenance costs. Using a public cloud eliminates the cost of hardware and software purchases, and the expense of system maintenance. For companies that want a hands off approach, public clouds are ideal.

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