Cloud Computing: Why it’s Safer than You Think


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One of the biggest reasons companies refuse to migrate to the cloud is security. Many decision-makers hear about recent breaches or security threats and believe that moving their important data to the cloud is far too risky. In reality, the cloud is much safer than many believe.

To destroy the myth of the unsafe cloud, let’s first go into the cloud’s problems. The most common types of cloud attacks include DNS, Man in the Middle, GETMAIL and MAPIGET and Ransomware. Cloud storage is the top cloud violation application by volume with CRM/CFA, collaboration software, HR software, and finance/accounting software following behind.

In 2014, there were countless security breaches for large companies including Target, Home Depot, Anthem and Michaels. However, a majority of the breaches in 2014 were not cloud specific. Additionally, more stringent notification requirements are increasing the number of breaches reported.

A good analogy for the cloud is planes. Statistically, air travel is much safer than cars. However, when something bad happens at 30,000 feet, it’s bad. Airplane crashes are bigger stories and are far more disconcerting. Thus, possibly scaring people away from air travel.

Just like airplane crashes, huge data breaches make for huge stories. However, cloud computing doesn’t deserve that bad rap. Many cloud providers offer benefits of data center facilities, strong access control and physical security, network protection, some form of data recovery, backup options, internal and third party assessments, monitoring and other security options.

We continue to see more breaches take place, but it’s unlikely that most companies would have types of capabilities to have fully secure system. The fact is that companies cannot deliver the same services internally, and if they tried, they wouldn’t be able to do it securely. So while there are still risks, as there are with anything in life, finding the right cloud provider means that you can safely utilize the benefits of cloud computing.

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