Top Technology Gadgets for the Summer

Summer is the time to reconnect with the natural world. For some of us, that’s three months free-climbing in the Rockies. For some, summer is festival season, while for others it’s time for family holidays, camping trips and barbecues. Even the least outdoorsy of us are probably going to the beach, or driving with the windows down. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to ditch our gadgets. No, it’s just time to get new gadgets. Which new tech toys can’t you face summer without?

speaker for blog1: Mighty Speaker

$35, Morrison Innovations

You’re out on the beach, the sun’s out, the ocean is beautiful – what’s missing from this picture? Music, of course! There are any number of Bluetooth speakers around these days, but the majority of them aren’t up to the rigor of a trip to the great outdoors. The Mighty Speaker is. It’s made to be waterproof (and sandproof), and even has a mic and phone button so you can take handsfree calls on the beach. What if it falls in the water? Have no fear: it floats too.

tent blog2: Lighstpeed Quick Shelter


Summer is the time of sunshine, soft breezes – and sudden, freezing-cold rain. Even if it stays clear all day, you might not want to lie out in it for every second. Take some shelter! This Lightspeed Quick shelter can be put up in minutes and it’s more like a tent than a traditional sun shelter – it has zipping porch-flaps, for instance, allowing some privacy,and it’s vented for wind resistance as well.

iswim blog3: iSwimband

$60, Aquatic Safety Concepts

iSwimband was designed by parents after the classmate of one of their children tragically drowned. Yes, that is the worst beginning to a sales pitch ever, but it doesn’t matter because the product is amazing. It alerts parents or other guardians when the person wearing it has been underwater too long, or when a designated non-swimmer goes into the water. It can strap to goggles or a wristband and syncs with smartphones so you’ll always know your kids are safe.

air cooler blog4: Cool On The Go Personal Cooling System


This cooling system hangs around the neck, meaning it provides a constant flow of cooling air toward the wearer’s face. Amazon customer reviews indicate that this is a hit, albeit an unlikely one. It can be powered by USB or AA batteries, so if you really can’t stand the heat, this one might be for you.

coolest cooler5: The Coolest Cooler

Every other item on this list has a price displayed, but we don’t know yet how much this cool cooler is going to cost (although it mentions an approximate retail price of $299).That’s because it’s still running through Kickstarter. But don’t let its retro stylings fool you into thinking it’s a gimmick: this really is the coolest cooler you’ll ever see. It has everything: bottle opener, utensil stash spots, a cutting board, a knife, waterproof LED lights in the lid, a USB charger, a bluetooth speaker… you should probably just sell your house, basically.

What are you favorite summer gadgets? Leave a comment below!

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